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Life and Relationships


Inspirational Poems

  • For God So Loved The World
  • Those We Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Safe in God's Hand
  • A House or a Home
  • Judi's 70th Birthday
  • Are You an Apple or a Banana?

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Biblical Teaching

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The Quails of Exodus

God provides what His people ask for, but... (PDF)

  Generational Curse?

Does the generational curse apply today? (PDF)

  God has a plan

You meant it for evil, but God meant it for... (PDF)

We live what we learn

Train up a child in the way it should go... (PDF)


Bible Overview

Quick and easy overview of the Bible. (PDF)


Biblical Pattern for Leadership

Biblical Pattern for Church Leadership (PDF)


Devotional Encouragement

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Our Riches in Christ

The first chapter in Ephesians says it all. (PDF)

  Paul's Health Tip

A health tip from Paul? You might be surprised. (PDF)

  Sweet Fragrance of Christ

Do others notice your sweet fragrance? (PDF)


A gentle reminder to get active in winning souls. (PDF)


Margaret's Blog

Visit Margaret's blog for more articles & devotions.





Below are a few samples of Margaret's presentations for you to enjoy.

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Consequences   Tools for Spiritual Warfare  

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Just a Closer Walk with Jesus   Communication in Proverbs  

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My Path to Life   Thorns and Roses  

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The Heart of a Woman (Free Magazine Downloads)

The Heart of a Woman is a free Australian Christian women's magazine that seeks to encourage and support women of all ages and walks of life.

9 Issues of The Heart of a WomanDownload Individual Issues from the Magazine Page

Originally, the magazine was published quarterly, and some 2000 copies of each issue were mailed to thankful subscribers without charge. Today, print copies are no longer available despite many enquiries from enriched readers.

However... the original nine issues have not vanished! They are still available as PDF downloads from our magazine page and also from the resources page of Biblical Publications, which is Margaret's ministry website.

Please remember that contact details in the magazine are no longer valid! If you have a question or would like to speak to someone about something you read in this magazine, please contact Margaret.



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